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Missions run from mid March until mid November

Register now! Deadline is 15 days from mission start date

Who can come on this type of mission?

This Program is open to anybody who is over the age of 12 ( accompanied by a parent of course) and this Program is also open to families, Couples and Individuals 18 or older. If you have a true desire and need to help others, are flexible and a team player then you are qualified to come with us. Remember this is not a tour. We will be taking you to areas that tourists seldom ever go, so you must prepare yourself accordingly. You will be meeting the Chorti Mayan Indians of Honduras in their own villages. You will see incredible things, and take home memories that very few visitors to Honduras will ever experience.

What documents will I need to travel on the team?
You will need a valid U.S. passport that will not expire within 6 months of your arrival date in Honduras. Currently, U.S. citizens are not required to have a visa before traveling to Honduras. A temporary visa will be granted to you as you enter. (People traveling with a non-U.S. passport should check the regulations for entry into Honduras.)

PFC President Rodger Harrison with some of the children

Is it safe to travel to Honduras?

Yes. PFC has been working in Honduras since 1997 and so far we have had no incidents of harm to any of our team members. As with any travel, though, there are certain risks for accident or illness. We work hard to make every team experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. Like travel anywhere in a third world country you need to remain vigilant at all times. One good thing is that we have our clinic on site so minor injuries can be handled there.

Should I bring extra money on the trip?
Bring only the money that you think you will need for souvenirs, snacks, and other incidentals. It is best to bring smaller bills, e.g. 1s, 5s, and 10s. Many souvenir shops now take credit cards. There is a lot of shopping to do in our village of Copan Ruinas as well as quite a lot of nice restaurants and tourist attractions.

What kind of jewelry can I take on the trip?
A good rule of thumb: Don't take anything that you would hate to lose. At times things get lost in the shuffle on the field, and there have been some incidences of petty theft in the villages, and in town.

Will I be able to call home ?
At all times! We also have wireless Internet at the Hacienda. However we recommend that you use email as long distance calls to and from Honduras are very expensive. A good rule of thumb is to tell your family and friends that "No news is good news." If you do call, please have a credit card or calling card handy to pay for the call. Our headquarters has phone service and the number there +504-2651-4676.
What sort of health insurance should I have to travel outside of the country?
We strongly recommend that you make sure you are covered with International Health Insurance. If your regular health insurance does not cover you outside of the U.S., please ask them to recommend a temporary international provider.

What about Malaria Medication?
Many people traveling in Central America take preventative malaria pills. These are not required to travel in Honduras , but something that we suggest that you discuss with your doctor before you travel. The malaria pill effective against strains of malaria found in Central America is chloroquine which is sold under the brand names Aralen and Generics. If you and your doctor decide that you should take chloroquine, it should be taken one week before you depart, once a week while you travel and for 4 weeks after you return.

Do I have to pay to go on this trip?
Yes, but the costs are very reasonable all of the funds go to support our programs. We only ask that you stay with us at our headquarters ( Hacienda La Esperanza) at a fair and reasonable rates. 100% of all rental income goes to to pay for school supplies, fuel, gear, guides, translators and, all meals, and rooms. We are offering a limited special offer of $67 per day per person which includes all meals and other related expenses .

Why do I have to pay to volunteer?
Paramedics For Children offer groups and individuals the opportunity to connect with the children we are helping in Honduras. 100% of all the funds raised from room rentals goes to support our PFC programs such as our clinic, donated medical shipments, school supplies and much more.

Is my trip tax-deductible?
Yes, your participation fees and travel expenses may be 100% tax-deductible! Paramedics For Children is a non-profit organization described under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If you work for a business that has a corporate giving program please consider asking them to match your contribution.

How do I get to Copan Ruinas and what are the mission dates?

You will fly into San Pedro Sula (SAP) Honduras. From there you take a bus or private car to Copan Ruinas. The cost ranges from $28 for bus and $160 for private car and driver. The trip from San Pedro Sula is only by bus or car and take 4 hours. We will pick you up at the bus station when you arrive. All mission dates run from a Sunday to Sunday.

What are the accommodations like?

Our headquarters Hacienda La Esperanza has four rooms with very nice accommodations. This is enough space for 8 -12 persons depending on the sleeping arrangements. Each room has it's own full bath and an arrangement of twin or double beds. Read what others say about this mission on

All mission trips start and end at the Hacienda. The town of Copan is only a 400 yard walk or short taxi ride into town. When we are not doing missions Hacienda La Esperanza is rented out as a B&B to raise funds to support our medical clinic on site called Clinica la Esperanza.

Mostly the groups like to hang out at the hacienda where most of the socializing takes place. Remember you are there to help others, as well as have fun. We have found that the groups not only go away feeling good about what they have accomplished but end up making new friends too.

Can I fund raise my travel expenses and participation costs?
Yes! We encourage our volunteers to fund-raise to cover trip expenses. Host a community event in your area that will not only raise important funds for your project, but help spread the word about Paramedics For Children's programs as well

Click here for a list of fundraising and event ideas and contact us if you need help to brainstorm fundraising projects. Also, your local church or civic organizations may help too.

What is great about community events like this is that they bring people together. Group events give you the opportunity to not only to raise much needed funding, but also to tell people about the work you are doing! You can give a Power Point presentation, hang posters on the wall, invite speakers and hand out brochures. Don't be afraid to be creative and HAVE FUN. Need more ideas? Contact us now.

OK, I want to go what do I do now?

You must be registered to go, and we are taking reservations now. Just click on the link below and get all the details. If you have other questions just email.

Register now! Deadline is 15 days from mission start date