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PFC partners with REDS team in Guatemala


Reds Team, a leader in technical rescue training, recently sent its training team to Guatemala, devoting their time and expertise. Find out how this experience turned into partnership that will benefit thousands.

Paramedics for Children is a unique volunteer driven non profit organization. Whether your interested in our medical programs or our school supply and improvement missions, we can use your help and talents. Come to Copán and see your hard earned dollars at work.

Nationally and internationally, Paramedics For Children is a vocal advocate for the children of the impoverished and indigenous peoples of Central America. We are committed to a sustained, long term presence in Honduras and Guatemala helping local communities to help themselves.

We are opening a new medical clinic in Guatemala in 2015. We have the equipment on hand and two sites in the planning stages. Initial operating funds are sorely needed. Make your contribution now.

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Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemalasuffered a devastating landslide yesterday, October 2nd. At this time at least 30 people are known dead and 450-600 people are missing. Rescue efforts are ongoing by the Guatemalan Fire Service and military rescue teams. Paramedics For Children is already on scene assisting the more than 1800 people left homeless and without food, clothing and shelter by this disaster.. We need immediate emergency funds to support this mission.




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Serving in Central America and the world since 1997

Paramedics For Children is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization ID # 56-2142951.





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Emergency Guatemala Disaster Aid for Cambray II Landslide

 born 0f a hurricane

Splintering Honduras in 1998, Hurricane Mitch devastated what little infrastructure the developing country had, overwhelmed its fledgling emergency service resources, and wreaked a havoc that still has not been finally repaired. The work of one North Carolina paramedic during that rescue and recovery effort founded Paramedics for Children.

PFC started as an organization dedicated to providing ambulances to, and training for, the first professional rescue/ambulance squads in Honduras. Over the years, Paramedics for Children has expanded into an organization that encompasses not only emergency services, but educational support and clinical medical care as well. No longer just a dedicated team of paramedics, nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals, we are now so much more. We have volunteers from all walks of life and though their tireless work, extraordinary talents and compassion we continue to expand.


Paramedics for Children

  • Rescue training for paramedics
  • Advocating for the elderly and women's rights
  • School Supply missions
  • New medical clinic to open

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